• Industry: Logistics and Trucking
  • Number of Trucks: Over 200


The Logistics Trucking Company, a well-established logistics firm based in Mombasa, Kenya, specializes in transporting goods across the region. As the company continued to expand, they faced operational challenges related to fleet management and safety. This case study illustrates how the client collaborated with Safetrac Ltd, leading video telematics solution provider to enhance operational efficiency, improve driver behavior, and ensure the safety of their fleet and cargo.

Challenges Faced by The Logistics Trucking Company:

Prior to implementing our video telematics solution, The client encountered several challenges in their operations:

  1. Driver Behavior Monitoring: The company lacked real-time visibility into driver behavior, including aggressive driving, speeding, and adherence to road rules.
  2. Accident Prevention: With a growing fleet, there was a need to proactively identify and address risky driver behavior to prevent accidents and ensure road safety.
  3. Cargo Security: Ensuring the security of the cargo during transit was a concern, especially in cases of unexpected incidents.
  4. Liability and Claims Management: In the event of accidents, managing liability and claims required accurate and comprehensive data.

Video Telematics Solution by Safetrac:

To overcome these challenges and elevate fleet management practices, the Logistics company partnered with Safetrac, a leading video telematics provider.

  1. In-Cabin Cameras: SafeView Solutions installed in-cabin cameras in each truck to capture driver behavior and actions in real-time.
  2. Road-Facing Cameras: Road-facing cameras were installed to capture the road conditions and provide visual evidence in case of incidents or accidents.
  3. AI-Powered Analysis: SafeView’s solution employed artificial intelligence to analyze video footage and identify instances of aggressive driving, speeding, and potential collisions.
  4. Live Monitoring: The platform allowed the company to monitor live video feeds from the trucks and receive real-time alerts for any critical events.
  5. Incident Recording: Cameras automatically recorded and saved video footage during critical events, providing crucial evidence for liability and claims management.
  6. Remote Access: Our client management could access video footage remotely, allowing them to address incidents and make informed decisions from anywhere.

Results and Benefits:

The Logistics Company achieved numerous benefits through the implementation of our video telematics solution:

  1. Enhanced Driver Behavior: Real-time monitoring and analysis led to improved driver behavior, reduced aggressive driving, and enhanced road safety.
  2. Accident Prevention: The AI-powered analysis helped prevent potential accidents by identifying risky driving behaviors and providing timely alerts.
  3. Cargo Security: Video monitoring ensured the security of cargo during transit, reducing the risk of theft and damage.
  4. Liability and Claims Management: Video evidence facilitated accurate liability assessment and claims management, minimizing disputes.
  5. Cost Savings: Improved driver behavior and accident prevention led to reduced maintenance and insurance costs.


The Logistics Trucking Company’s partnership with Safetrac Ltd and the successful implementation of their video telematics solution significantly improved operational efficiency, driver behavior, and overall safety. With real-time monitoring, AI-powered analysis, and remote access to video footage, they achieved greater control over its fleet, enhanced road safety, and ensured secure and efficient cargo transport. As a result, the client fortified its position as a leading logistics trucking company in Mombasa, Kenya, and was well-equipped to continue its growth and success in the competitive transportation industry.