Transport and Logistics Kenya

Our warehouse implementations solutions includes the use of our warehouse management system. The system helps to manage and control daily warehouse operations, from the moment goods and materials enter our distribution centre until the moment they leave.

WMS software systems are a key component of supply chain management and offer real-time visibility into a company’s entire inventory, in warehouses and in transit. In addition to inventory management, a WMS offers tools for picking and packing processes, resource utilization, analytics, and more.

warehouse management

Our warehouses are very secure and monitored 24/7/365. We use a heavy duty metal pallet racking system that is very durable and suited to hold heavy stock.

The assets are monitored 24/7 by our IoT devices ensuring that our clients assets are safe and secured. We are also able to know when stock is missing or lost.

A complete look of our warehouses is shown down below:

Warehouse management