Camera implementations solutions

Two types of Video Telematics

In our Video Telematics solutions, two cameras are installed:

  1. In-cabin Driver-Facing camera.
  1. In cabin dash road-facing camera

The In-cabin driver-facing dome camera captures the view of the driver and passenger seats. The camera provides a live stream of what is happening inside the car where one can easily view it on their smartphone.

The In-cabin road-facing dash camera captures the footage of the road ahead. This enables the viewer to get a recording of before, during and after crash footages.

Video Telematics

A complete look of our video telematics (both road-facing dash camera and driver-facing dome camera)

These Installations are done by our vastly experienced technicians who are well trained and perfected their technical skills. 

The live footages are monitored by our control room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days a year. Moreover, technical support is readily available in the rare issue of a malfunction. The cameras are supported by a connection of either Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or LTE (3G, 4G).

The owner can then have access of the full feeds of the live streaming from the comfort of his/her home on the web application portal as shown below: