Our fuel management solutions offer three services:

  1. Bulk fuel storage for surface and underground tanks.
  2. In-transit fuel bulk fuel management.
  3. Fuel consumption management.

1. Bulk fuel storage solution for both surface and underground tanks.

Our horizontal bulk fuel tanks are fabricated in accordance with The Steel Tank Institute “STI” standards and specifications and also meets all Underwriters Laboratories “UL” standards.

The tanks meet a variety of fuel holding needs and are suitable for the storage of gasoline, diesel, and other flammable liquids.

Fuel Management

2. In-transit fuel bulk fuel management

Our staff first place a fuel level sensor in the fuel tank to generate the fuel volume information. With the presence of a cellular network, we then perform real time tracking of the fuel in transit.

Fuel Management

3. Fuel consumption management

Fuel consumption management is used to track fuel usage against mileage. Using the Safetrac app, we are able to access the fuel management dashboard and receive movement graphical and trip analytic reports.

Therefore, fuel usage is accounted for through the monitoring and controlling of fuel consumption thus preventing lack of wastage of resources.