In order to increase productivity, cut expenses, and ensure compliance with laws, businesses can organize and coordinate their fleets of work vehicles through the use of administrative methods.

Fleet management comprises monitoring and documenting mechanical problems and driver behavior in addition to being most frequently used for vehicle tracking.

Our fleet management solutions offer real time tracking of all types of motorable assets such as Light vehicles, heavy duty transporters, agriculture transporters, motorbikes, courier delivery services transporters and rental and leasing vehicles. 

The Safetrac Fleet Management Software allows our management and dispatchers to track all vehicles from a central location. Tracking systems are used to monitor driver behavior, proper vehicle use, work breaks and safety. The Fleet management software also includes some remote control capabilities such as speed limiting, engine revolution limiting and gradual slowing or stopping of vehicles.

Remote security features helps prevent stolen vehicles and cargo with GPS, mapping and cellular technology to quickly and accurately locate rogue vehicles. Vehicle operation is often monitored for mechanical problems and efficiency, helping the overall efficiency of our system and protecting profitability.

Fleet Management

Regardless of the size of the fleet, fleet management is essential for seamless operations. Fleet management supports organizations in fostering more effective fleets by assisting in route optimization, fuel cost optimization, reducing driver turnover, scheduling vehicle maintenance, and other areas.

Fleet Management

This dashboard provides us with real time tracking and analytics by our control rooms. A report is then drawn to shown the analysis of the entire journey.

The reports are customized user defined and automated.