cargo tracking

Cargo tracking by Safetrac limited is done electronically and is one of the best in East and Central Africa.

ECTS is a technology solution that enables real-time tracking of cargo from point of loading to point of discharge or offloading.

The system was introduced to help customs bodies and private transporters worldwide monitor movement of goods remotely.

We ensure 24/7 active monitoring of cargo within various points in the country.

We also do local shunting distances i.e, local ports to warehouses and also cross-border cargo haulage to destinations like Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, DRC, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Mozambique

cargo tracking

What are our Electronic Seals? Our sealing device contains an RFID chip inside it which can be read by our control room.

When a container has an electronic seal, it essentially guarantees authenticity and integrity. Once sealed, the contents of a container cannot be altered. 

Once locked, only our control team staff are able to unlock the seal once transportation has been completed. The seals are very secure and safe. We also receive notifications when the seal is tampered with.