GPS for tracking

Fleet Management

At Safetrac, all types of motorable assets are astutely monitored using robust technological systems which provide data driven information not limited to the following:

  • Full Real time tracking and reporting
  • Automatic geo fence entry/exit alerts
  • Route deviation alerts
  • Long stoppage alerts
  • Tamper detection and reporting
  • Signal loss alerts
  • Maintenance reports and service reminders
  • Historical journey playback Fuel reports (fillings, theGs, usage, tampers)
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Cold Chain Monitoring

Businesses lose revenue due to temperature sensitive cargo operating in unmanned  temperature conditions. Our condition monitoring sensors ensure the following;

  • Realtime temperature monitoring
  • Humidity monitoring
  • Light monitoring
  • Data logging as per set intervals

How is this achieved?

  • Through wired sensors and powered devices which communicate to each other.
  • Through wireless and self powered sensors which communicate to data loggers.
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GPS for Tracking

Fuel Management

As a fleet owner, you can analyse weekly or monthly  consumption of fuel per kilometre for every vehicle. This fuel management system offers solutions for the following:

  • Fuel usage for vehicles.
  • Fuel delivery solution for transportation tankers. ( in-transit).
  • Fuel storage solution for both above ground and underground tanks.


    • Real-time usage monitoring
    • Fuel levels and Volumes
    • Fuel Usage
    • Refuelling notification
    • Siphoning Alerts
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Warehouse Management

Track and manage your enterprise fixed assets across group companies or individual branches.

We can manage your inventory & assets and rid your supply chain of non-performing assets  (NPAs) using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon tracking technology.

Tracking your inventory & assets isn’t important just for optimization; it’ll also shed light on the  depth and magnitude of inefficiencies that may be bugging your supply chain today.

We use our IoT devices to monitor positions of assets by zoning, using special readers.

In smart warehousing, we combine a variety of IoT devices and technology to enable various controls.

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GPS for tracking

Electronic Cargo Tracking

The superior Safetrac cargo management tracking system manned by a strong and  experienced team monitors your cargo 24/7 with real time location updates with these features:

  • Consignment live tracking 
  • Automatics device tamper detection
  • Geofence entry/exit notification
  • Unauthorized driving hours management
  • Active incident response
  • Customized status update and trip summaries
  • Operations support24/7/365
  • Control room monitoring
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camera solutions

Video Telematics

Our solutions provide a comprehensive and robust video surveillance solution to vehicles by installing indoor and outdoor mobile cameras with full feeds access by the owner. This is through:

  • In cabin Driver Facing dome camera
  • In cabin Dash-road facing Camera
  • Monitor Driver behaviour
  • Footage of road ahead
  • Record before, during and after crash
  • Spot Live streaming
  • Event Triggered recording
  • 24/7/365 Control room monitoring
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Leveraging IoT and Blockchain for business efficiency and higher productivity.

How will you benefit from our services? At Safetrac Limited, our aim is to ensure quality and outstanding customer satisfaction by providing these benefits:

  1. Increased vehicle lifespan. Use of GPS, allows us to monitor performance and any potential maintenance issues
  2. Improved safety by monitoring drivers’ habits and behaviours, helping to prevent damage and improve safety.
  3. Optimized routes. By utilizing GPS software, we are able to plan out routes that are both effective and efficient.
  4. Real-time Notifications. Our software provides updates on everything from fuel levels to mapping routes.
  5. Did you know that you can easily access our platform and app from your smartphone?