Ambulance and Security Services

How Safetrac Limited is saving lives with Safetrac InstAid

This brand-new, ground-breaking emergency medical and security aid, is called Safetrac InstAid. It is the result of our outstanding record in the implementation and maintenance of tracking solutions and our nationwide presence.

Built on Similar tracking technology, InstAid is able to leverage on our extensive platform, experience and a great team of dedicated service Emergence Service Providers countrywide. Therefore, this allows us to offer you, our client, instant response, real-time tracking of emergency responders as they make their way to your location. Moreover, the 

Ambulance and Security Services

Only a small fraction of people have access to private emergency response. This is due to the perceived high cost of services. InstAid is the first of its kind in Kenya offering all Kenyans access to Affordable personal emergency Ambulance and Security Response right to their location at the press of a button.

Whether as an individual, family or business, we have the solution and the capability to serve you at that moment of need. InstAid Platform has 37 Security Service providers and 15 Ambulance Providers distributed all over Kenya and growing. We fast to reach you at your current location, offering timely assistance no matter your location. Police support may also be provided depending on the situation

We have partnered with several companies to ensure that this service is running for 24 hours a day, 7 times a week for 365 days. They include:

  • BM Security
  • AAR
  • KK Security
  • Riley Falcon Security Services
  • St John Ambulance

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