Urban Logistics Solution (U-LOG)


U-LOG is a cloud-based solution that aims to solve issues related to congested bays at malls; low truck utilization; traffic congestion and high carbon footprints that all modern cities face. It has been designed as a lightweight urban solution for last mile delivery of roller cages to malls, valuable packages for clients and the securing of urban utility assets rather than long cross-border journeys. 

Running off both a web-based and mobile app component, clients are able to tap on its many functionalities such as chain of custody transfer, live bidding for logistics and tamper alerts. Using a multi-tenant system, multiple logins for companies, clients, and individuals can be used to manage different phases of the chain of custody.

U-LOCK is an ATLAS based Electronic Security Lock that is used as part of U-LOG to provide:

  • Physical security
  • Further secured by a onetime cable seal
  • Electronically secured through mobile apps
  • Chain of custody tracking
  • Area surveillance tracking U*LOCK
  • Proof of delivery tracking

Key Features

  • Physical lock
  • One time seal
  • Electronic seal
  • Read by smart devices
  • Runs on the web and mobile app


  • Lock can be used for many track and trace applications
  • Motorbike delivery
  • Cash and valuables
  • Last mile delivery

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