Trackimo Tracking Device

Trackimo Tracking Devices


Trackimo® is an intelligent, GPS-GSM tiny device from Borderless Tracking that allows you to track your precious things, or your loved ones and automatically send alerts after sensing distress signals. Trackimo uses GPS satellites and Cellular tower triangulation as second choice to compute the location of the device and report its location via the GSM cellular worldwide network. Whether you’re a concerned parent or a busy fleet manager, Trackimo can give you the edge. Simply use the web or your smartphone to know the position of the device.

Using powerful GPS technology, this little device can be used as a vehicle tracker as well as a personal tracker to do the following:

  • Track down stolen vehicles
  • Locate your children, elderly relatives or loved ones at any given time
  • Know when your loved one has exited a set safety zone
  • Follow up on lost luggage or a business shipment
  • Aid your loved ones in distress


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