Our Solutions

At Safetrac, we go beyond just tracking; into providing critical solutions that aid individuals and organizations in making meaningful operational and financial decisions.

Solutions Benefit

Saves Time

Grants advanced, timely reports and notifications, Provides companies to not only optimize their fleet/vehicle performance but also minimize the phone call traffic with the drivers on the field resulting in time and labor savings

Saves Fuel

In addition to monitoring driving habits, companies can easily screen excess mileage and out-of business trips and improve their fuel economy.

Give full control over your fleet/vehicles

Uninterrupted tracking and detailed reporting gives full control over
vehicles and drivers. Moreover, vehicles can be located easily with the help of online tracking in case of theft or loss.

Minimize maintenance and operational expenses

Bad driving habits such as unnecessary engine idling, sudden acceleration and deceleration,excessive speeding, may create wear and tear of the vehicles. By monitoring and curbing such habits, companies can reduce vehicle maintenance costs and save significantly on operational expenses

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