Sensors & Additional Units


Enables tracking and monitoring information such as which tractor is attached/detached from which trailer and when it is attached/detached, how much distance the trailer travelled etc.

Listening Unit

This unit allows the tracking center to listen inside the vehicle through a microphone placed in the vehicle.

Fuel Level Sensor

This solution is installed into the fuel tanks of vehicles and allows users to easily monitor fuel levels online, real time or retrospectively. An alert can also be set to notify users in case of sudden or unexpected changes in fuel levels.


This device is installed to remotely stop the vehicle in case of misuse or theft. The command to stop vehicle engine is sent from the system, received by the device and executed when the speed is 0km/h. When the vehicle is stopped, a second command to authorize ignition by key is sent then the vehicle can be started.

Audio Communication Kit

It allows two-way communication between the tracking center and the vehicle. The vehicle can be called through the installed kit and the driver can call the preset number.

Fuel Tank Lid Sensor

Sensor is installed on Fuel tank lids and allows monitoring when the lids are opened and closed. When the fuel tank lid is opened outside of defined or authorized areas, an alert is sent to prevent fuel theft.

Emergency Assistance Button

When installed, pressing the pedal/button activates the system and the driver can send an alert to the center and/or message to the preset mobile phones in case of emergency.

Driver Identification (iButton)

Enables users to monitor drivers operating the vehicle, distance travelled and hours driven by a particular driver.

Door Sensor

This sensor is installed on doors and allows monitoring when the doors are opened or closed. The application is also used in cement bulkers to secure the hatches and valves. Also used in the cold chain industry to secure container doors and supplement the temperature sensor.

Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensors regularly measures and reports temperature levels of desired places.

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