ATLAS™ BLE – For Indoor Asset Tracking

Key Features

  • ATLAS BLE Chip
  • ATLAS BLE tag
  • BLE reader (smartphone)
  • Battery life of up to 5 years


The solution can be used in the following areas:

  • Tracking of liquid and dry items
  • Can be used in medicine and food dispensation
  • Can be used for tracking of contaminated clothing, linen and sheets especially in hospitals
  • Can be used for detection of wet elderly diapers

Our ATLAS™ BLE solution can be used as locator tags to track indoor assets within a building using BLE tags to map indoor locations. The tag will beacon its location ID which can then be picked up by readers (smartphone)

How it works

ATLAS™ beacons at regular intervals and sends signals via BLE. Any handphone or fixed reader within 30m can pick up the signal. Once the mobile reader picks up the asset and locator tag IDs the data is then sent to our cloud - identifying asset seen at the location of the timestamp.

The handphone or fixed reader then sends the information collected to our cloud platform to generate location/tamper/authorization data.

The locator tags maps out indoor facilities in the absence of GPS e.g. Ward X, Theatre Room Y, Corridor Z etc. The ATLAS BLE tags can also be programmed to be asset tags - the tag will beacon its Asset ID which will then be picked up by the readers (smartphone).

ATLAS™ is a powerful lightweight solution that has many different track & trace and chain of custody applications. Tapping on the massive processing power of our modern smartphones, ATLAS™ can begin live tracking of a multitude inanimate and animate subjects with ease without a built-in GPS.

The base ATLAS™ technology is put into different form factors to conform to client needs in various environments. Due to the long battery life, it becomes a cheap and viable solution as compared

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