Mobile Data Devices

Our mobile data devices are installed aboard the vehicles and transmit location coordinates they receive from GPS satellites. The data retrieved from the sensors hooked up to them is transmitted to the center over GPRS network by means of integrated GPS receiver, GSM/GPRS modem and I/O ports. Similarly, these devices can be operated with their firmware, as well as programming parameters and, can be changed remotely from the center by means of commands sent through GPRS, without physically interfering with them. They can also be easily installed anywhere out of sight within the vehicle thanks to their portability and easiness to install. The devices are also supplied with Lithium-ion batteries as standard against any electrical failures.

imt. 54- Container Tracking Device


This device is independently mounted at the back of the container. It works by magnetic principle and protected by an extra lockable metallic clamp. The device has no false tampers as any tamper i.e. attachment/detachment alerts are termed as real alerts.


  • IP67 Standard, Durable Design, Great Performance
  • Developed especially for container tracking 
  • Magnetic Installation.
  • 300 -1500 hours continuous operation time (Internal Li-ion Battery).
  • IP67 standard (waterproof, dustproof, durable design).
  • Tamper and detach detection feature.


 Provides a variety of customized advanced and timely reports giving full control over vehicles and drivers.

  • User reports
  • General reports
  • Summary reports
  • Alert reports
  • Driver Identification reports
  • Speed reports
  • Geographical area reports
  • Sensor reports
  • Overboard dash reports
  • Eco / Safe driving reports
  • Device reports
  • System reports
  • Customized reports 

Other benefits

  •  User-friendly interface
  • Light platform with Mobile App; which can be downloaded from Google Play/App store
  • Data availability for over 10 years
  • User controls what sub-users can do
  • GPS assist-Data collection is faster
  • High capacity of internal memory to back up data, in case of network failures
  • Devices are small, portable, compact and easy to install; as the antennae are inbuilt 
  • Supplied with Li-ion batteries for backup in case of disruption.

Imt.14 : Vehicle Tracking



The IMT.14 is a single unit with internal GMS and GPS antennas that can be installed easily and seamlessly on the vehicles without any additional antennas or equipment. 

Key Features

  • Advanced technology, impeccable design, great performance.
  • A single unit with internal GSM and GPS antennas. Can be installed easily and seamlessly without any additional antennas or equipment.
  • 50 Channel GPS receiver and Assist GPS features allow gathering reliable location information.
  • Minimum 7 hours operation time with internal battery.
  • Ability to connect additional sensors through several ports.
  • Through the integrated motion sensor (G-Sensor) it is possible to get instant notifications in case of an accident, when the vehicle is moved unauthorized and when the vehicle is towed away.
  • Remote firmware and program parameters update over GPRS. Tamper detection, GPS Jammer detection, and other security features.


  • Through the integrated motion sensor (G-Sensor) it is possible to get instant notifications in case of an accident, when the vehicle is moved unauthorized and when the vehicle is towed away.
  • The 50 Channel GPS receiver and Assist GPS feature allows the gathering of reliable location information.
  • Measure and regulate temperature through Imt.14 and temperature sensor
  • Measure and control fuel through imt.14- and fuel sensor for trucks
  • Identify and monitor drivers through imt.14 and driver identification sensor
  • Through imt.14 - It is possible to fully control the vehicle's route, movement, see the vehicle motion on the map.
  • You can also receive daily, weekly, monthly accurate reports about your vehicle’s exact movement, addresses and during what period of time the vehicle is in motion.
  • You can also receive daily, weekly, monthly report about how many km vehicles had passed (Error 0%)
  • You get information about the vehicle speed, adjust speed exceed and regulate how long a car stays at a particular address
  • imt.14 also allows you to define your driving route and get information in case of violation.
  • Through imt.14 and Arvento software you can track your fleet, get detailed information about the vehicle’s condition (technical service terms such as oil change, tire change date etc), information about the driver’;
  • imt.14 equipment software allows considering your every desire and fitting them to your business.  


Imt.24: OBD tracking set


  • Can be installed directly to the OBD connector due to its compact design
  • It can be easily operated with Plug and Play system.
  • It can make identification up to 1000 regions.
  • In OBD-II, it has the feature of supporting J1850, K-Line, CAN ISO-15765 standards.
  • GSM and GPS antennas and receivers are combined in a single unit.

Treyki person and asset tracking set



  • Small size and lightweight design; carry it on your purse, pocket, etc.
  • Dedicated SOS button for emergency assistance.
  • Two-way communication feature: Receive calls or call the pre-set number.
  • Send SMS or e-mail to the pre-defines person(s).
  • Integrated G-Sensor identifies crashes, falls and more.

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